Why Are Apprenticeships Good?

15 Mar

From the perspective of an apprentice

Before I begin this discussion, let me start with a little bit about myself. My name is Jessica, and I am an Admin and Social Media Apprentice here at Inspire Norfolk; I am working towards achieving a level 3 qualification in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

So, what made me want to start and apprenticeship? After studying my A-Levels, I decided that University was not the route for me, but I knew that I still wanted to pave a career for myself. The reason I decided against University is because I had grown tired of being within the ¬†education system, but I still wanted to learn. That’s when I realised that an apprenticeship would be perfect for me; I have the opportunity to be working (gaining work experience) within the field of work I am interested in, as well as gain a recognised qualification related to my field of interest. I am constantly learning things from my course that I can put to practical use at work, making studying for this qualification extremely useful.

Inspire Norfolk helps small businesses to recruit apprentices, so during my time here so far, I have learnt a lot more about apprenticeships, and how beneficial they can be to both the apprentice and the employer.

If you are a young person like me who wants to get into the world of work, then you will be happy about starting a full time job, as apprentices have to work a minimum of 30 hours per week. In the UK, there are currently 850,000 people in an apprenticeship within 240,000 workplaces in 170+ industries. This means that many young people are choosing to take on apprenticeships, and the opportunities of where you could go to learn and earn are endless. Many employers have said that apprentices are 15% more employable due to their having a qualification and relevant work experience.

For the employer of an apprentice, particularly within small businesses whom we often work with, they can mold the individual into your specific job role via in-house training and external learning; this offers and additional bonus in comparison to an experienced individual in the industry whom may already have their working habits. Many of the employers we work with hope to keep the young person within the team upon completing their apprenticeship, as they want the young person within the team upon completing their apprenticeship, as they want the young person to grow with the business, and become an integral part of. Inspire Norfolk uniquely stay present throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, particularly the first 3 months to ensure that both the employer and the young person are content. We cherry pick the most suitable candidate to join the team at any establishment.

So, that’s why I, as an apprentice, believe apprenticeships are good. What are your thoughts and feelings toward apprenticeships? Are you interested in hiring an apprentice? Or becoming one? Feel free to contact us and have a chat.

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